Beyond the Classroom

Starter Kits

The Kits

Kits have what you need to get started selling as an independent consultant.  A kit costs $480, well under its retail value of $663 (not including business supplies).  You only have to pay $50 up front – see the kit loan program below – but if you pay in full, the kit is yours for only $400!  Independent consultants are responsible for tax (where applicable) and shipping costs.

Kits include:

Business Supplies Included

After purchase of a kit, when you need business supplies they will need to be purchased. You may use your business account that is provided and managed by BTC™ to help defray the cost.

Educational Products Included

The kits also include one of each of these items for you to demo when selling (59 items!). (You may add additional items to this kit at a 35% discount.)

* Product may vary according to grade level or title.


We only carry educational products from renown and reputable companies.

  1. Teacher Created Resources
  2. Suntex International
  3. Carson Dellosa
  4. Kidsongs
  5. Mindware
  6. Remedia Publications
  7. School Specialty
  8. Frank Schaffer
  9. Rounder Records

Paying for the Starter Kit

Kit Loan Program

The loan kit is a typical way of starting as a consultant. The cost of the kit is $480.00, if you purchase the kit by loan; you only pay $50.00 up front, plus tax (if applicable) and shipping. Once you start with parties you take your cut with 20% of sales minus 20% of your profit to be paid to Beyond the Classroom™ until the kit is paid in full. This example is also in the consultant handbook see page 7.

EXAMPLE: $540.00 Merchandise total $108.00 (20% of $540 profit prior to tax and shipping)
$25.00 Shipping − $21.60 (20% of consultant profit for kit payment)
$19.50 Tax total $86.40 (Total profit for consultant)
$584.50 Grand Total of Party + $19.50 Taxes added
$105.90 Total consultant keeps prior to paying BTC™
Grand Total of Party Payment owed to BTC™: $478.60 (Party total, $584.50, minus what consultant keeps, $105.90)

OR Pay In Full

Pay for the kit with a check/money order or Credit Card in Full AND Receive the full kit for only $400.00 @ $80 off the Full Kit Price.

What’s Next

Ready to begin selling? Sign up to become an independent consultant. We will call you and guide you through ordering your starter kit and answer any questions you have.

Beyond the Classroom reserves the right to discontinue or replace any product at any time without notice. Prices and order forms are subject to change without notice. All prices are US dollars. New items will be available for purchase at the 35% off retail price as they are available. You will be notified of discontinued items by flyer and/or e-mail.