Beyond the Classroom

How Beyond The Classroom Works


Beyond the Classroom will allow you to organize and advertise for home parties at which educational products will be sold.  You will make 20% profit from these parties, plus a 2% profit that BTC puts into your own personal business account.

What products will be marketed?

As as an independent consultant for BTC, you will market educational materials such as resource books for reading, math, language, and music; puzzles; educational games; etc.  Over 200 products are offered!  They bring the world of the parent/teacher stores and classrooms into the home. Products are sold through home parties, which will allow you to share with family, friends and a network of customers.  (For examples and our suppliers, see the kits page.)

What is home marketing?

Home marketing is built on the idea of sales though relationships.  These are built the easiest among small groups of people in casual settings.  A successful home marketer is someone who is or becomes skilled at relationships.  These relationships are crucial and take time and effort to develop.  You will establish several relationships as a consultant.  Two most important are: the hostess relationships and customer relationships.  Through these contacts you build your own business.  It’s easy, fun, and you determine how much time and effort goes into it.  Importantly, though you will be using Beyond The Classroom’s name, it will be your business.

How do I generate income?

You will earn 20% profit on your personal retail sales, paid to you immediately as you complete each home party. BTC puts 2% of your party sales into a business account to be used for future purchase of eligible business supplies.  You will profit from every party, and what you earn is up to you. There will be additional incentives to sell more.  Since this is a new business income will grow and change with new ideas added for earning.These will also grow and change as the business develops.  The consultant’s handbook gets you started and is full of ideas and how-to’s for creating and expanding your business.  Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed.


Party Total prior to taxes and shipping $540.00
20% profit: $108.00
2% from Beyond the Classroom for business account. $10.80

The benefits of direct selling

Does it work?

Absolutely. Here is what real people are saying about Beyond the Classroom:

I wasn't sure how Beyond the Classroom would be recieved in my area, because we are currently considered a "distressed community," but people have been very happy to discover the educational products, and have found that they are fun way for the children to learn. This is also a great way for home school parents to get additional items at reasonable prices or even receive them free as I did by hosting a Beyond the Classroom Party.
Greenville, PA
I have found BTC materials easy on my college budget, and they are great materials for tutoring students. The parties are fun and parents/caregivers can be assured that the materials are of good quality and very reasonably priced. It is fun to earn extra bonuses for having a party. It's an easy and exciting way to make extra cash. It is especially something I believe in.
Elementary/Special Education Major
Clarion University of Pennsylvania
I love the puzzles, games, and other materials available. I buy them for birthday gifts when my sons get a party invitation. Going to or having a party is a great way to find out what other parents are excited about in education and learning. Instead of play groups it is like an advanced parent group as our kids get older.
Sons ages 10 and 8
WOW! What a great idea for an at home party. I felt as if the teacher was coming to my home and answering that age-old question... What can I do at home? Drills, practice books, brain teasers, puzzles, analogies, education puzzles, learning games...the list is endless. And the prices are wonderful compared to a regular education store. Not only is Beyond the Classroom a parents’ DREAM – It’s a TEACHER’S PARADISE!
Parent and kindergarten teacher
Pittsburgh, PA

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